VIRGINIA: Another proposed mosque comes under fire from community

One resident told the commission, it isn’t only the mosque itself, it’s what goes on inside the mosque. “They’re not teaching them to love their neighbors. They’re teaching them to take over this country.”

One would think they would get the picture already. It isn’t mosques that we don’t want in America, it’s Muslims we don’t want. Get out!

WTVR– Some Henrico residents wasted no time telling the county’s planning commission why a mosque should not be built in their neighborhood. The traffic and noise generated from a mosque are main concerns and also, its proximity to Holladay Elementary School. Not to mention the eardrum shattering noise from the Muslim call to prayer which can be blasted from loud speakers up to five time a day.

Members of the Muslim community want the zoning of a lot behind Holladay Elementary changed from office to residential. A residential classification would allow for a place of worship on the property. Members who spoke before the commission say they must travel to Chesterfield or pray in a hotel conference room. The Mosque’s investors say they looked at other properties after getting turned down by the commission for the same request back in 2008, but, no other property was accessible enough.

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And speaking of Virginia, the Prince William County Tea Party has initiated an e-mail campaign that raises concerns about a school textbook it says has a “Pro-Islamic” bias.

It claims that a Virginia school textbook “favor(s) Islam in secular schools, revises history and obscures Sharia law including the treatment of non-muslims.” The email cites one textbook on Ancient World History that has 22 pages for the Islam section, compared to eight pages on the origins of Judaism and six pages on early Christianity. The email also takes issue with several of the book’s statements about Islam and Sharia law, claiming the author revises history to present Islam in a better light. READ MORE HERE