NIGERIA: Thousands of Christian women riot in the streets over ongoing massacres of Christians by muslims

The city of Maiduguri has suffered relentless attacks by the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, one reason being their objection to ‘western education which is forbidden’ under Islam. They have slaughtered at least 40 mostly Christians in a ten day period and are thought to have carried out well-over 20 attacks this year. 

(FYI: Nigeria’s population is roughly 40% Christian and 50% Muslim)

CSW – In  June this year, Boko Haram attacked police stations, bars, churches and Muslim leaders who oppose their extremist philosophy.  This included gun and bomb attacks on police stations, bars and a Catholic church, and assassinations of prominent Wahabbi imam Ibrahim Birkuti, and Ibrahim Ahmed Abdullahi, another Muslim cleric, who had both criticised the upsurge in sectarian violence and the targeting of policemen and politicians.

 Boko Haram issued a three page statement saying, “we will never accept any system of governance apart from the one described by Islam because that is the only way Muslims can be liberated.  They went on to say, they would continue to fight the Nigerian military and police “because they are not protecting Islam.”  According to an unconfirmed report, the group has now warned people to stay away from Christians, security agents, and government institutions and functions, or risk death.




No big deal just some people in africa