The TSA doesn't care if you bring a knife aboard a flight, just don't bring 13

Yesterday, BNI reported a muslim man being detained for having 13 knives in his carry-on bag. Today, a woman says she was allowed to board a plane with a knife in her bag…not once, but TWICE!

Apparently, the TSA is only concerned with explosives now, ignoring the fact that 19 muslims took down 4 planes with just boxcutters.


WTVR – RICHMOND – Just days after the release of a report saying there have been more than 25,000 security breaches at U.S. airports, a startling confession comes out.

An Indianapolis woman has come forward saying she was able to get a knife past security, not once, but twice. Sara Gallienne says she was able to get a three-inch knife past TSA in both Richmond and Providence, Rhode Island as she was headed home to Indianapolis.

It wasn’t until she was unpacking her carry on that Galleinne made the startling discovery that she had breached security. “I was going through it, pulled out my headphones and I realized, ‘Oh crud. I have a knife in here,'” Sara said.

After returning home Sara says she realized that the three inch, folding knife, was in her bag when she boarded a flight from Richmond to Providence, Rhode Island. It also made it through security when she left Providence for Indianapolis a few days later.

“I was blown away I could not believe that I had just made it through with this knife,” Sara said. “Not one, but two TSA checkpoints.” Gallienne says she had forgotten the knife was in her bag, and when she made the discovery she filed a complaint with the TSA.

The TSA has since released a statement, saying, “We continue to take the discovery of knives and other prohibited items seriously, however, it today’s post-9/11 security environment, intelligence tells us our officers’ greatest focus needs to be on the biggest threat to aviation security today-explosives and explosive components.”

A Republican Senator grilled the TSA on capitol hill this week citing a report that listed 25,000 security breaches at US airports since 2001. Of them, 14,000 people have made their way into sensitive areas and more than 6,000 people, like Sara, have made it past screeners without proper scrutiny.

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