ITALY: Moroccan muslim man destroys statue of the patron Saint Calogero in a church

A muslim invader from the Maghreb entered the sanctuary of Saint Calogero, grabbed the image of the patron saint and destroyed it completely, by throwing it violently against the wall.

The church was open for the 7:30 mass, when the muslim intruder of North African origins, entered and went directly into the sacristy, where the statue of Saint Calogero was. A worshipper who was at the church tried to arrest the immigrant, but was hurt. Four policemen were needed to control the man and then to arrest him. Saint Calomero, a Greek saint who was black, lived in the city in the 5th century, evangelized Sicily and is much revered on the island.  In fact, the Agrigento’s archbishop has praised him as “an example of integration between people”.