PART 3: You take them. No, YOU take them. NO, YOU TAKE THEM!

Muslim invaders from North Africa are still flooding into Europe with Italy being the primary destination with many planning to head for France. But nobody wants these illegal aliens (ALL young muslim males), so countries bearing the brunt of the influx are refusing landing rights for their boats.

The landing of North African muslims on the Italian island of Lampedusa and on Malta has unleashed a series of violent disputes within the European Union. The authorities in Italy and Malta say they are overwhelmed by the need to accommodate and provide for some 30,000 refugees, and are demanding help from other EU states. The governments of Germany and France in particular are refusing to take any refugees, and say that Italy will have to deal with this “problem” itself. In the latest escalation of the crisis, France closed its southern border  to prevent North African refugees crossing by train from the Italian side.

ITALY   has prevented a ferry carrying 1,800 people, mainly Moroccans fleeing the fighting in Libya, from docking in Sicily.The ship had sailed from Tripoli and asked for permission to refuel on the island after being refused entry to Malta, Italian media said.

Meanwhile, 41 people are feared drowned after a boat carrying migrants capsized off Tunisia, UN officials say.Five were rescued by another boat heading to the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa.

Since Monday, 21 boats have arrived on the Italian island from Tunisia carrying 1,600 migrants.The boat which went down at around midnight on Sunday night, three hours after leaving the southern port of Zarzis, had been carrying 41 men and five boys.”We talked to the five survivors in Lampedusa,” UN refugee agency spokesman Federico Fossi told the BBC News website.”They were in the water for eight hours. They saw one boat passing by but it didn’t stop. The other one that rescued them had 45 people on board.

More than 10,000 Tunisians have arrived in Lampedusa since the downfall of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali two months ago. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far right National Front party, who has just visited the island, told reporters in Rome that the migrants should not be allowed to stay in Europe.She said: “If we encourage illegal immigration, if we authorise illegal immigrants to set foot on European soil, how many more will embark on these adventures?”

The Mistral Express ferry that sailed from western Libya is now approximately 150 miles from the port of Augusta on Sicily’s east coast.It was blocked from sailing closer into Italian waters on the orders of the Italian interior ministry, officials said.The ferry is understood to be carrying 1,715 Moroccans, 35 Algerians, 26 Egyptians, 7 Tunisians and other people from Mali, Sudan, Syria and Mauritania.

North African muslim refugees on NATO ship turned away by both Italy and Malta  The 106 immigrants who have been stranded on board a Spanish warship for four days amid diplomatic wrangling were yesterday transferred aboard a Tunisian naval vessel.

The warship had rescued 111 illegal aliens off the Libyan coast on Monday, but the operation stalled as Spain, Malta and Nato argued over who should assume responsibility for them.
Five of the immigrants had to be airlifted to Malta for medical treatment where they remain, while the rest – mostly Ghanaians, Libyans and Tunisians – will be taken to the Dehiba refugee camp in Tunisia.

The migrants were picked up off Libya and started heading to Malta even though it was 78 nautical miles from Tunisia, 88 nautical miles from Lampedusa and 141 nautical miles from Malta. Malta dug in its heels and refused the warship entry, insisting the rescue had taken place closer to the other countries and that they should therefore have been transferred there.

During the week, international media reports said the warship had proceeded to Lampedusa but the Italian authorities refused entry and directed the destroyer to Malta.

Where asylum seekers are among those rescued, they must have access to protection. Responsibility-sharing among states should be part of such arrangements and UNHCR would like to see European states playing a greater role in this context. (Sure it would but Europe doesn’t need any more  muslim illegals. Let muslim countries take them)