SPAIN: Muslims want dogs banned from buses and public areas

Two Islamic organizations based in Lerida have asked the City Council to enact local rules to prohibit the presence of dogs in both city buses and in some areas frequented mostly by Muslims, as dogs are considered “unclean” in Islam.

Tea & Politics (H/T John D) -Those associations are the same that made claims against the city ordinance that banned the burqa. Lleida believe that the Consistory should regulate the presence of dogs in public places and in certain municipal facilities “not to offend Muslims”.

They go even further, even considering that the presence among them of “the unclean” violates religious freedom and the right of Islamic believers to live by the Koran.

A source in the Muslim community Lleida announced an upcoming meeting of members of this group with representatives from the Municipal Corporation and highlighted the fact that a claim such as that proposed has been accepted in some European cities like London, where the presence of dogs is prohibited in public buses. Asked whether the exception to allow dogs-guides, was emphatic: “A dog is always a dog.”

The origin of the rejection of the dogs in the Islamic world is in the hadiths (sayings of Muhammad made ​​or collected by others that are considered reliable sources). In this regard there are two hadiths. In the first, Gabriel promised the Prophet, that he would go to visit him, but he didn’t, and later told that angels do not enter a house that has a picture or a dog. In the second, one Abdullah said that “Allah has ordered to kill all dogs.”

Will the Lérida municipal representatives be able to accept, for a handful of votes, something that no morally sound society would admit? The bottom line is that we are bottoming out. And the caste politics and multiculturalist apologists have dragged us to that bottom.


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  1. Muslims are mentally disturbed and unclean . Vile hatred of anything loving and good. Misfits. How fucking dare they kill dogs. I sat round them up and deport them immediately. Go back to their filthy Stone Age Countries to continue their inbreeding.

  2. Let them try this in England ! Unlike a lot of other soft and muslim subservient European countries – think Sweden, Norway for starters – the English won’t lie down for too long despite the Guardian reading anti-semitic grovelling goons and softcock PC multi culturalism politicians who continually support Muslims rights. The sooner we tackle this cancer head on the better. Winston Churchill and Kemil Ataturk had it spot on about Islam . You’ll find their remarks easily enough by googling. Here’s what Ataturk said to save you some time : “this is islam, an absurd theology of an immoral bedouin, a rotting corpse that poisons our lives ” . Enough said, for now !

  3. The dogs were there first-ban the muslims,as they said dogs are said to be -unclean -in -Islam ,they migrated to countries that are animal friendly ,they have to adapt to their host country,not vise versa,how come muslims takes priority over other established cultures?we-are deeply -offended-by -them-nobody -cares ,what happened to seperation of -church and state?I am not a violent person -but-anyone hurts -any of my animals -the worm -turns-I mean it ,they are gutless cowards -sneak around laying baits under cover of darkness,too much leniency is given to these arrogant misfits who -hate -everything,they might find the English will not tolerate them -murdering their dogs -they are low-life-scum.

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