Such a "lovely" Kentucky woman: One of the Bosnian Muslims Bill Clinton supported with your tax dollars accused of horrific war crimes

American media consider Bosnian muslims “heroes” unlike the Serbs whom American President Bill Clinton bombed the hell out of, ignoring the fact that muslims like Azra Basic were slaughtering and torturing Serbs while making other Serbs drink their blood. Or forcing Serbs to drink gasoline while setting their faces and hands on fire.

MSNBC – The arrest of a Croatian woman in small-town Kentucky for alleged war crimes two decades ago in the former Yugoslavia “brings her long run from justice to an end,” a U.S. marshal said. Bosnia is now demanding her extradition.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert E. Wier ordered that Azra Basic, 52, be held without bond. Prosecutors argued that no bail amount would guarantee Basic’s presence in court. A complaint filed by U.S. Attorney James Arehart accuses Basic of committing crimes at three camps in the early 1990s near the majority-Serbian settlement of Cardak in Derventa in Bosnia.

The Croatian woman locals in Stanton knew as “Issabella” settled years ago in this rural, hilly area and took jobs bathing elderly nursing home patients and working at a sandwich factory. This week, acquaintances were shocked to hear the secret that Bosnian war crimes investigators said Basic has been hiding for two decades. As a soldier in the Croatian army, she killed a prisoner and tortured others by forcing them to drink human blood and gasoline, authorities said.

According to court documents, Basic is charged with fatally stabbing a prisoner in the neck in 1992 during the bloody conflict in the Balkans. Court documents accuse her of numerous other atrocities, including: Setting a prisoner ablaze, pulling out prisoners’ fingernails with pliers, ripping off a man’s ear with pliers and carving crosses and the letter “S” into another man’s flesh.

Bosnian authorities have been slowly building a case against her for years, taking statements from witnesses, forensic experts and doctors between 1992 and 2001 to identify her.





Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity