AUSTRALIA: Shari'a law is already up and running as a shadow legal system there

Micheal Usher from 60 Minutes interviews Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon from ‘Sharia4Australia’ who is calling for ALL Australian people to accept Islam and Shari’a. Looks like he’s halfway there.

NEWS AU (H/T Matt B) –A legal report set to be published on Monday says this shari’a law shadow system – which in the public eye includes niqabs, burqas, polygamy, whippings and zero tolerance for a can of VB – is running parallel to the laws the rest of us wake up to. The research by academics Ann Black and Kerrie Sadiq says a system of “legal pluralism” abounds in modern Australia, with religious ceremonies validating multiple wives or even underage ones.

A brief insight into how Australia might look under shari’a (Islamic) law. Notice how close it resembles much of Barack Obama’s marxist vision for America.


1. Free food clothing and shelter for all citizens Muslim and non-Muslims. People can work for the luxuries.
2. Free gas, electricity and water up to the basic needs for all citizens
3. Governors (replacing the MP’s today) will get one general salary for fulfilling their role of looking after and being concerned for the affairs of the people. They would be prohibited from doing any other work or having any other source of income freeing them to fulfil their task properly.
4. The currency of notes which do not reflect the reserves would be replaced by minted Gold and Silver coins representing the value of what is purchased and also eliminating inflation.
5. Goods which are invisible and in fact only exist on paper such as bonds, stocks, shares, insurance etc.. would be banned and transactions would have to done with tangible wealth or payment made for services i.e. actual effort undertaken.
6. Insurance would be replaced by the State being the guarantor for any losses if any loss cannot be met.
7. Industries such as gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, night-clubs, pubs etc… would be outlawed and the money confiscated would be re-invested in useful exploits such as housing, medicine and education.
8. There would be a ban on using the male or female body or sexuality for advertising, thus protecting the social fabric of society and maintaining the honour and dignity of both genders without reducing either to objects of desire for monetary gain.
9. Companies would be restricted to up to 20 partners each, so that they all know each other and there is proper accountability amongst them.
10. Hoarding of the wealth would be prohibited, all citizens would be encouraged to use the wealth and invest it.
11. Any payments from the state, for the new born, for basic needs would be paid in advance when actually needed not in arrears.
12. All banks would be replaced by one state institution (the bait ul-maal) whose purpose would be to work for the people not exploit them. It would lend money to people free from interest, look after their money, give grants and loans for businesses and encourage foreign trade and imports.
13. Unused land would be confiscated by the state if unused for 3 years and be given to those who will make use of them.
14. Universities would be free of charge and where there are skills shortages the state may even pay individuals to study certain subjects