"With or without salt?" Syrian tribal leader threatens to barbeque and eat the US Ambassador

Ahmad Al-Shlash, a tribal leader in Syria, gave an interview to the Arabic language channel Al-Dunya TV in which he, along with his “cousins,” reportedly called for the U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Stephen Ford, to be cooked and eaten like “American mutton,“ either ”with salt or without salt.”

Syrians in support of President Bashar Assad hold Assad's portrait and wave their country's flag as they protest in front the U.S. embassy in Damascus against the visit of Robert Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria

According to MEMRI TV, Al-Shlash also reportedly vowed the U.S. ambassador would only visit the Syrian town of Deir Al-Zour “over his dead body” and that he would “personally” stop the ambassador were the emissary to ever show up. For good measure, Al-Shlash cursed the American flag, calling it a “piece of….”