Unbelievable! Vandalism at a mosque that is NOT being called a 'hate crime'

Not yet, anyway. “This is not being classified as a hate crime right now because there is nothing to substantiate it as one,” said Lt. Pat Valdez of the sheriff’s La Mirada Station. “But we are very concerned about it and have already notified our department’s Terrorism Early Warning Group.”

(Because every time a rock is thrown  through a window you think “terrorism?” But every time a muslim is caught planning to blow up a synagogue or Christmas tree lighting, you turn yourselves inside and out trying NOT to call it ‘terrorism.’)

Whittier Daily News – CALIFORNIA: The vandalism of a La Mirada mosque is not being investigated as a hate crime, Sheriff’s Department officials said Tuesday. Someone threw a rock through the mosque’s newly installed rear doors between 2 and 6 p.m. Monday, according to Rezaur Rahman, the president of Muslim Community Services Inc.

Everything was fine before I left the mosque yesterday afternoon, and when I returned later that evening, I noticed shattered glass on the floor near our newly installed doors,” Rahman said. “I found a rock lying among the shattered glass and was very surprised that it could have broken through our very strong, double-layered doors,” he said.

The report has been filed as a vandalism incident and additional patrols have been placed in the mosque’s area to ensure its safety until the investigation is completed, officials said.

“At first we were afraid to publicize this (But you sure did get the newspaper there in  a hurry(, but we think it’s better if we do because we need to do our part to let everyone know that we’re here and we want peace,” Rahman said. (Apparently CAIR has been there)

“It’s deeply troubling to hear about the incident at the La Mirada mosque. Unfortunately mosque vandalism around the nation is not uncommon, however, we should remember those incidents are not widespread and the American Muslim community continues to live in peace and harmony with their American neighbors and citizens,” Munira Syeda, a spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Tuesday. (And we know that once terrorist front group CAIR gets involved, a hate crime investigation WILL be forthcoming)

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