AUSTRALIA: Oh lookie, leftie moonbats still protesting on behalf of illegal muslim invaders

Brilliant! Putting economic muslim refugees in jail until they lose their minds (although in the case of muslims, how do you tell?) Incarceration of illegals should be followed by one-way tickets back to their country of origin (no return allowed).

Prolonged detention and cramped conditions are just two of the reasons that have led to an outbreak of protests throughout Australia’s immigration detention centre network by detainees.

Unrest continues to grow in a number of detention centre across the country. On Christmas Island, Australia’s offshore detention centre, a protest erupted on Tuesday. the Australian federal Police, cracked down on asylum seekers on Friday, raiding the rooms of detainees. The island facility has been in lock-down since Friday. (Police are afraid the muslims will set the buildings on fire again as they have done before)

At Scherger detention centre in Queensland, it is estimated that 95 people are on a hunger strike. Sources say their physical condition continues to deteriorate. (Hunger strike? Perfect, let them starve to death, then dump the bodies into the sea. Why don’t they go mooch off Saudi Arabia instead of invading the West where they are not wanted?)

The hunger strike began on Friday with 60 asylum seekers, mostly Hazaras, a Shitte minority from Afghanistan, demanding the government reviews all rejected cases and that reviewers with known biases should be asked to step aside.

The hunger strikers are still waiting for immigration officials to meet them to respond to their demands. (DEMANDS? Since when do beggars get to make demands?) Mental health issues are rife at Scherger with a majority of the asylum seekers on medication of some kind.