NORWAY and the EU: Rape of white women by muslim men is now at epidemic levels

Virtually all sexual assaults involving rape in the past 5 years in Norway have been committed by non-Western  (Muslim) men.

Muslims think they have a God given right to treat women any way they like, because their religion says so. One 12-year-old rape victim was told by her rapist, “He said he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman.” Why? “Because women do not have rights or opinions (in the muslim world). He was in charge.”







3 comments on “NORWAY and the EU: Rape of white women by muslim men is now at epidemic levels

  1. education to save this brain washed people could be an answer, however it is unlikely that they would accept any new concept or see the error of their ways. doing nothing is certainly not working, surely there must be a way. our women and young girls are bearing the horrors of these people. Let us, as a world close in on this issue and eradicate the perpetrators that will not conform to humane, civilized and normal behaviors.

  2. Muslim life the lowest form of life on the planet to go against their own species…But Muslim brain is inbred from half siblings producing more. Animal sex they do is part of their culture same as raping 9 year old girls…Berlin muslim woman had her nose cut off when she wanted Iran man to leave, hi expenses to keep Muslims in our culture…Scotland had sheep thefts for Eid holiday…Time for Muslims to go.

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