[UPDATED!] ARKANSAS: Trial of muslim killer of Army soldier makes muslim community fear backlash

But apparently not enough to make them want to leave.

Why are the media always so worried about a backlash against muslims? Not an ounce of sympathy for the dead soldier’s family, only concern for muslim feelings. Makes me sick.

UPDATE:  Arkansas Muslim Jihadist Gets Life Sentence

Jihadist Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad received a life prison sentence Monday afternoon after pleading guilty to shooting two soldiers, one fatally, outside a Little Rock, Ark. Army recruiting center in June 2009. Muhammad never disputed killing Army Pvt. William Long as part of “a jihadi attack on infidel forces.”

But his lawyers took the case to trial and tried to argue that Muhammad was suffering from a delusional disorder. He could have received the death penalty. But his trial was recessed Monday morning and Muhammad changed his plea to guilty. READ MORE: Investigative Project

(Guess all the neighborhood muslims won’t have to fear a non-existant backlash anymore. Sorry CAIR, no litigation jihad for you in Little Rock this week)