PETER KING (R-NY) to KEITH ELLISON (D-Minnesotastan): "You are NOT welcome at the latest hearings about your fellow muslims"

That’s a mistake. King should interrogate Ellison about his ties to and funding from Hamas as well as his support of other radical muslim groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

CARE2 – New York Republican Peter King will be holding his third set of “radical Muslim” hearings today, announcing that “40 Americans and 20 Canadians have been recruited” into the Al-Shabaab Somali terrorist network.  But one person who won’t be at the hearing?  Minnesota Congressman and Muslim Keith Ellison.  Although the Democrat asked to testify , as he did at the initial one, Rep. King has turned down his request.

Via Minnpost:

Ellison taken away in handcuffs for trespassing at the Embassy of Sudan

King responded that Wednesday’s hearing is an extension of the first couple the committee has held, and since Ellison testified at the first hearing on the issue, in March, he would not be permitted to testify Wednesday.

“I look forward to working with you as we continue our urgent efforts to address growing threats of Islamic radicalization across the nation,” King wrote in a letter to Ellison. King encouraged him to submit written testimony for the congressional record, which Ellison spokeswoman Jennifer Gore said he “absolutely” will do.

Representing the district with the largest (and most violent) Somali population in the country, Ellison has by far the most first hand experience with the refugees from the country and their experiences with the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization being discussed in today’s hearing.  That King doesn’t deign his input needed makes it clear how much the event is about King, not about actually attempting to find real answers to potential terrorism issues. (No, this hearing doesn’t need another sobfest in defense of all muslims as we witnessed the last time by drama queen Keith Ellison)

Ellison chose to be sworn into Congress on the quran, a book that calls for the killing of all Christians and Jews