WOW! The Left really are getting their panties in a wad over the anti-Islam movement

You have to ask yourself why the left is bent on pooh poohing creeping islamization in the West when they are the ones who would be most adversely affected by it? The Drew guy in this video is obviously gay. One would think he’d have a little more fear of muslims considering what they want to do to him.

Left wing “researchers” attribute the rise in negative views about muslims to the wall-to-wall media coverage that focused on terrorism and bin Laden’s religious views. How stupid is that? Coverage of bin-Laden has nothing to do with the rise in anti-muslim views. It’s what muslims are doing right here that causes people to be anti-muslim.

But all the leftie’s whining about the anti-Islam sentiment in the US is a good thing. It makes people who didn’t know they had anything to fear about Islam want to find out more. Keep it up, lefties, you are helping to spread our message.