BULGARIA: Muslims try to take over the streets and get the crap kicked out of them

Right Wing Ataka Party of Bulgarian patriots will not allow muslims to destroy their cities as they are doing in other parts of Europe. And if they can’t rely on the police to protect them, they will do it themselves.

Eastern Europeans got rid of the communists. They will get rid of the islamists too.












21 comments on “BULGARIA: Muslims try to take over the streets and get the crap kicked out of them

  1. Well im very close to wanting war on uk streets we’ve lost whole cities to this sub species. They’ve been here for decades but only our once historic beautiful cities now look decayed and tbh worse than muslim homelands they absolutely stink the food stalls look like rubbish tips. Im sure they dont even hold one point of one star on the food safty chart. Imagine what their homes look like storing all that fresh produce. Yes some say ther clean people bcos they wash this that. No they all wash from one bowl of water. Feet first. We civilised folk take baths showers and wash before touching any kind of food even if just preparing it for ourselves or our familys.

    All these dirty foreigners are in factories handling all of our food. Makes me sick.

    Bulgaria can piss off too bringing them over to england is like bringing foxes to eat the rats so the wolves arent pesterd. Were perfectly capable to strike fear in them ourselves as they have done to us for however long most noted the last 10yrs for meppersonally. We should use what they’ve taught us. Ruthless savagery using vrry little resources. 10 people 10 cars = widespread panic in our infested cities we play spot the white man. But never find a white man mayb afew white woman dressed as muslims with humpteen kids swinging off her leg and a shouty man herding them along. Bradford first.

  2. At times it was difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys in this video, but the Bulgarians should be proud of themselves for standing up to these horrible, deadly savages.

    Once you give these cultists an inch, they push for the next inch and the next inch until they have the whole damned country. That is their goal….they must eradicate all other religions from the face of the earth and if you don’t convert, they are going to get you.

    Wake up, Western Civilization, you are about to disappear unless you take a very hard line against these barbarians. This is a very serious business and becoming more serious by the second because there are a million more of them being born every year…that is my guess, but probably on the low side.

  3. That comment was for Titch. If the Brits are all you say they are, then why is England going down the Muzlim sewer?

    I’m an American, and I know a good deal about the Brits, and the English. I married a British Actress, and my brother in law played for the London Symphony.

    The strength of the British is their penchant for Fair Play. It’s also their down fall.

    Place a Bulgarian in a test tube, and a Brit in another… give them the acid test, and see which one is left “standing”

    Guess which one will dissolve.

    • Right on Tom T. I’m a brit but I hate the way that the muliticulturalists are watching British culture go down the drain. They should get the mo-slimes out of the country.

  4. Remember:

    Well done is better than well said.

    You can talk a Big Stick… But as the Texans would say: “You are all hat, and no cattle.”

  5. Thats why I like Bulgaria. Just kick the damn shit out and be strong unlike the rest of Europe which is accommodating the vermin and being taken over.

  6. Bulgaria was under the Ottoman yoke for 500 years until quite recently and know better than most the savagery of Muslim domination. They are not keen to let it happen again. There is a very large Muslim population in Bulgaria still but they are, for the moment, well behaved.

    • By ‘Brit’, I assume you mean English. And I’m assuming you’re American as you don’t know the difference between British and English. You clearly don’t know us ‘Brits’ very well. It’s the government that are gutless. Don’t label us the same.

      • But what aren’t YOU doing anything, titch? That’s an excuse to keep saying “Well, our government is doing it.” Even the police in Buglaria aren’t stopping these vermin, but these Bulgarian men took it to the streets and fought the muslims. The Greek (Golden Dawn) took it to the streets to fight and everytime GD has been arrested or had a party member killed or anything, they came out stronger everytime. Our enemies are never going to let us be free. We can’t ask our oppressors for freedom, we’re going to have to just fight for it at all costs!

  7. That guy laying on the ground…LOL…anyone would think he had his head cut off…..perish the thought!! LOL!!!

  8. Kick assssss! Bust those muslim heads. Really, I don’t want to see people being physically hurt, but the intrusive, in-your-face, you’re-gonna-accept-islam-or-die behavior of muslims can no longer be tolerated. This IS a do or die issue. Better them than you and I if push comes to shove. They’ve pushed, now it’s time to shove back.

    Kick assssss!

    • Even if the Bulgarians were nice to them and kept letting these muslims come in, eventually the muslims would show their color and do what they’re doing in England or France or Norway or Sweden. Can’t be nice to these people!

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