AFGHANISTAN: Teenagers face execution for falling in love

Teenage couple jailed and face being stoned or hanged for wanting to marry. Nearly 10 years in Afghanistan for WHAT? Barbarians never change. Time to leave them to their 7th Century civilization.

UK DAILY MAIL (H/T Maria) Two teenagers in Afghanistan face being hanged or stoned to death for the ‘crime’ of falling in love and trying to get married. When the pair met for their wedding ceremony, they were ambushed by a mob of 300 men who dragged them from their car, accused them of adultery (Adultery? They aren’t married) and then started a riot.

In the resulting violence in the village of Jabrail, near Herat, one man was killed, a police station was torched and the lovers, Halima Mohammedi and Rafi Mohammed, both 17, ended up in jail.

During the riot Mr Mohammed, and his older cousin who drove him to meet Ms Mohammedi, were both badly beaten up. But there have been calls from locals and relatives for the lovers to be killed, as in their eyes they have disregarded strict rules whereby marriages are arranged by families.

Even the father of Ms Mohammedi agrees with the punishment. Kher Mohammed told The New York Times: ‘What we would ask is that the government should kill both of them.’

Along with her uncle, he visited her in jail, where she was told that she had brought shame upon the family and would be killed. The New York Times reports that although he cried during the visit, Ms Mohammedi’s father barely said a word to her.

Mr Mohammed is a Tajik and Ms Mohammedi  is from the Hazara community. They met in an ice-cream factory and would communicate using fleeting eye contact. One day Ms Mohammedi threw her mobile phone number on the floor for Mr Mohammed and from then on they would speak regularly to each other at night.

Their decision to try and marry created a reaction that has left them both baffled. Mr Mohammed told The New York Times that ‘when you love somebody, you don’t ask who she is or what she is, you just go for it’.

However, the family of the man killed in the riot blame Ms Mohammedi for his death and say that her only way out is to marry one of their relatives. Their case now rests with prosecutors.

Earlier this year horrific video footage emerged of Taliban insurgents stoning a couple to death for alleged adultery in northern Afghanistan.

However, a Taliban spokesman defended the practice, saying: ‘Anyone who knows about Islam knows that stoning is in the Koran, and that it is Islamic law. There are people who call it inhuman – but in doing so they insult the Prophet. They want to bring foreign thinking to this country.’