ALLEN WEST to host screening of film about 9/11 and the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Rep. Allen West (R-Fl) will be hosting a screening in Congress of the Christian Action Network’s film, Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque, on September 8 for those who lost family members and those who survived the attacks. West has a national following as a rising star in Congress, as he fearlessly takes on terrorist front groups like CAIR.

CHRISTIAN ACTION NETWORK –“We are truly honored to have Congressman West sponsor this event, and take his time to host these 9/​11 family members and show his opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque,” said Jason Campbell, Projects Director for the Christian Action Network. “The film will be screened following brief remarks from Congressman West and 9/​11 family members.”

Sacrificed Survivors is a film about the Ground Zero Mosque controversy and how it has affected those that survived the 9/11 attacks and those who lost family members. It also discusses various facts surrounding the controversy that go mostly unmentioned in the media.

“It is a 45 minute film that is fueled by the testimony of the survivors and the families of the victims of the attacks of September 11. It explains how they feel about the mosque being built on the site where their loved ones lost their lives,” said President of the Christian Action Network, Martin Mawyer.

The film also includes undercover footage showing the site is already being used as a mosque.  “Few people are aware that Muslim prayer services are already being held at the site slated to become the Ground Zero mosque and Islamic center,” said Mawyer. “The Ground Zero mosque is already a reality.”

The film will be screened following brief remarks from Congressman West and 9/11 family members. Those interested in attending should email Jason Campbell at The event will go from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM in Room B-339 at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building. A light lunch will be provided.

FYI:  The makers of the film, the Christian Action Network (CAN), have been refused a permit by Mayor Dhimmi Bloomberg, Muslim sympathizer and the City of New York to allow the film to be screened in public parks. CAN, and the American Center for Law & Justice, are now threatening a lawsuit against New York City.