If Homeland Security won't do anything about Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in NY State, maybe the wild boars will

Central New York State, location of some of the best-known Islamic Terrorist Training Camps is being invaded by wild boars of the pseudo-rabid, bullet-resistant variety.

The BlazeSuspected of escaping from local game farms, the feral creatures are attacking livestock, killing family pets and chasing people in the state, Reuters reported. And they’re multiplying — officials don’t have a handle on the exact population figure, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture said they’re successfully breeding in three counties, averaging four to six piglets per litter.

Of the 27 boars trapped or shot last year and tested for disease, two tested positive for pseudorabies virus, or PRV. While there have been no reports of actual attacks on humans, experts say the animals can be aggressive, weighing up to 400 pounds with sharp, four-inch tusks. New York’s Invasive Species Council issued a $230,000 grant last year to try to curb the boar population, but that’s been difficult because the swine are hard to kill.

In a report, the Department of Agriculture said left unchecked, the boar population could potentially devastate the area’s natural resources, agriculture and human health and safety. But because the traps used to capture the animals are expensive, funding remains an obstacle. An application for new grant money is pending.

The Muslims of the Americas organization has established compounds dozens of acres large, such as “Islamberg” in Hancock, New York State. In 2009, the Christian Action Network exposed how this organization is instructing some of its members in guerilla warfare by releasing, “Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.,” a film about the organization.