[UPDATED!] WOW! Iran finally gets something right. But now the female victim gives up her chance to get revenge on her attacker.

An eye for an eye…literally. A woman who was blinded when a scorned lover threw acid in her eyes has the chance to get a gruesome revenge. She was granted permission to throw acid into his eyes by an Iranian court. Good for her!

Ameneh Bahrami was left with horrific scars after Majid Movahedi threw sulphuric acid in her eyes after he had begged her in vain to marry him. She is seen here holding photos of how she used to look

UK DAILY MAIL – (H/T Lee S) -A court in Iran has given permission for 32 year-old Ameneh Bahrami to get her own back by pouring acid in the eyes of her attacker, a fellow student at Tehran University.

Majid Movahedi had stalked Ameneh before his heinous crime

The court’s OId Testament ruling – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – has sparked controversy even in Iran where medieval justice still holds sway. But Ameneh still appears bent on revenge. Twenty-seven year old Majid Movahedi threw sulphuric acid in her eyes at a bus-stop in 2004 after he had begged her in vain to marry him. 

For months he had stalked her and she was left blind and disfigured. She later underwent 19 operations The court awarded her £19,000 in compensation and Majid went to jail. But Ameneh did not want the money. She wanted her attacker to suffer the same anguish she was forced to endure for more than six years.

‘His mother phoned my parents. She asked for mercy. ‘She said that Majid would always work for me if he could keep his eyes. But now it’s too late,’ she was

Painful evidence: Ameneh Bahrami's clothing and shoes destroyed by acid are kept by her family in their Tehran apartment

reported as saying yesterday.

 She has received death threats because of her determination to exact revenge. ‘The police have told me not to go out on the street alone,’ she said. ‘My parents are scared. They think the judges are wrong.’

Arrangements have been made for Ameneh to inject the acid into her attacker’s eyes as he lies in a Tehran hospital under an aesthetic at midday today. Twenty drops in each eye.

At the last moment Ameneh could still change her mind. But yesterday she said: ‘I’m very happy. After six years I’m getting justice. But we are both losers because we have both suffered greatly.’

Just a few months ago, this woman was all over the media complaining about the delay in carrying out the punishment on her attacker. Now, suddenly, she gives him a pass. (And no, folks, in Islam, unlike Christianity, there is no call to ‘love your enemy’).