MARYLAND: MUSLIM MAN charged with killing his stepdaughter’s dog and threatening to kill her

Tammam Mocram Al-Barazi grabbed the dog and began choking it. The stepdaughter and Al-Barazi got into a struggle and he pushed her to the floor, took the dog and threw it outside. The stepdaughter chased the dog down the street and caught him. While she held the dog, Al-Barazi came up behind her, grabbed the animal and threw it in front of a moving car, where it was killed.

HERALD MAIL via Potomac Tea Party (H/T Eliabeth A)   – Hagerstown came awfully close to a possible ‘honor killing’ in the last week.  But the stepdaughter who defied her “religious” father by owning a dog is alive and the dog is dead.   Islam puts dogs in the same category as pigs, blood, feces, urine and dead bodies as reviled objects in some branches of the Islamic “faith.”

Tammam Mocram Al-Barazi, 59, was charged by Hagerstown police with second-degree assault and threatening to kill his stepdaughter, two counts of animal cruelty, mutilating an animal and malicious destruction of property after the dog was killed June 30.

He was released Sunday from the Washington County Detention Center after posting a $75,000 bond, according to Washington County District Court records. Al-Barazi is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on the charges Sept. 29, court records show.

At 10:45 p.m. on June 30, several people who were standing around a dead dog on the side of the road flagged down a city police officer on West Lee Street, the statement of probable cause said.

A female came up to the officer and said her stepfather, Al-Barazi, was responsible for the animal’s death, the statement said. The stepdaughter said the family had lived on East Lee Street for about a year and Al-Barazi had returned from working in Egypt a month earlier, the statement said. She told police she acquired the black poodle-mix while Al-Barazi was out of the country, court records show.

The stepdaughter told the officer that Al-Barazi “does not approve of her owning a dog due to their Islamic religious beliefs” and had threatened on several occasions to kill the animal, the statement said. The officer spoke with one of the stepdaughter’s brothers, who corroborated her account and stated that Al-Barazi told her “she would be next,” the statement said.

While questioning Al-Barazi, the officer saw two suitcases by the door and Al-Barazi told him he was leaving for Egypt, where he works as a reporter for a magazine, court records show. As a condition of Al-Barazi’s bond, France ordered that he not have contact with his stepdaughter or leave the state of Maryland while the case is pending.