Poll finds 48% of muslims in America experience 'racial' discrimination and hate the military and FBI for targeting muslims.

Our favorite muslim terrorist supporter from CAIR, Ibrahim Hooper, blames all of us right wing ‘Islamophobes’ for the growing anti-muslim sentiment in America. Thankfully, his rants are confined to Press TV, the English language media arm of Iran.

Says Hooper, “It is having an impact when you have people constantly trying to demonize tell the truth about Islam and marginalize expose the American Muslim community; it has an impact over time. We did not even see this kind of feeling immediately after the 9/11 muslim terrorist attacks. It’s really a phenomenon of the last two years or so. (Thanks to bloggers like BNI?) There is also a sense of being under siege from these hate mongers truth tellers who are constantly trying to demonize expose the evil our faith. We hope that other people in our society, people of other faiths will join us in seeking to marginalize the extremists  realists who are promoting this kind of intolerance freedom of information about Islam.”