Where is the outrage from the worldwide Christian community? I could fill hundreds of pages with stories of muslims burning down churches and killing Christians. Here is a very small sample of recent incidents of Christian persecution taking place on a regular basis in countries with majority muslim populations.

Muslims on Saturday (July 30) burned down a church building on Zanzibar island off the coast of Tanzania, church leaders said, just three days after another congregation’s facility on the island was reduced to ashes.

Live Leak – Another Zanzibar church burning – another pre-Ramadan gesture of Interfaith Dialogue™ to the tiny Christian population of this Tanzanian island outpost. In Fuoni on the south coast of Zanzibar (known locally as Unguja), Islamic extremists torched the building of the Evangelical Assemblies of God-Tanzania (EAGT) at around 2 p.m., said Pastor Leonard Massasa, who oversees Zanzibar’s EAGT churches. The assailants were shouting, “Away with the church – we do not want infidels to spoil our community, especially our children,” Pastor Massasa said.

On neighboring Pemba island, suspected Muslim extremists in Konde on June 17 razed a Seventh-day Adventist Church building, a witness said.

“We don’t want churches on our street. Today we are going to burn the church, and if you continue we are going to burn your house also,” Note posted to the donor of a plot for a church building in Zanzibar. As if a 97% Muslim majority was not enough, the local population and government (taking a cue from how they do it in other Muslim countries) is, through this latest Zanzibar church burning incident, seeing to it that Islam is the only way on Tanzania’s Pemba and Unguja Islands.

The latest Zanzibar church burning isn’t an isolated initiative. Other places of Christian worship have been torched recently and only days ago, Muslims started work on building a hotel directly on a Anglican cemetery they had siezed.

The real ethnic cleansing in Kosovo is being carried out by muslims who are trying to drive out/kill all the Serbian Christians who remain there and burn down and destroy their churches.

In order to terrorise the remaining Christian Serbs to leave their homeland of Kosovo, Albanian muslims burned down more then 40 monasteries and churches some over 1000 years old. This was done in the front of NATO and all the charities of the world who came to Kosovo to create a multiethnic society.

In Pakistan, muslims regularly target churches and Christians.

Asia News – On March 25, a mob of Islamic extremists attacked a Pentecostal church in Hyderabad, killing two Christians and burning some copies of the Bible. Eyewitnesses said that the fundamentalists stormed the place of worship looking to set it on fire, but a group of believers defended the church.

Security forces have fled the scene, leaving those present at the mercy of the crowd. The attackers hurled anti-Christian slogans and a feeling of anger toward the religious minority has spread. in the city The pastor of the church reports that “despite the condemnation of the burning of the Koran” the community “has come under attack because they think that we are linked to the Americans.”  “What fault did those two innocent people have – he ends – who were not Americans, but only Pakistani Christians?”.

In a second incident, the Full Gospel Assembly Church, in the Badami Bagh area of Lahore, was attacked. Again fundamentalists burned the church, threw copies of the Bible into the street and accused the Christians of blasphemy, claiming they found pieces of the Koran, not far from the church.

Muslims burn down 60 churches in Ethiopia.

Persecution – Beginning on March 2nd in an Islamic area of Ethiopia, Muslims went on a rampage beginning with an assault on the church in Asendabo.

ICC and others alerted the world and called on the Ethiopian government to intervene. Sadly, they could not or would not stop the Muslim attacks. After a week, when the smoke cleared, the damage was evident. The Muslims had burned down the homes of 30 Christian leaders, they had killed one Christian, wounded several others, and burned down 69 churches, a Bible school, and a Christian orphanage.

The violence has displaced more than 10,000 Ethiopian Christians – leaving the churches in the area scrambling to provide basic necessities for the persecuted.

The ‘NEW’ Egypt: Muslims burn down church, then kill protesters.

News Real – Why were the Christians protesting? Recently, in the village of Sole, just outside of Cairo, local Muslims decided they now had the freedom to burn down the town’s Coptic church. Without a strong Mubarak police force, they had nothing and no one stopping them. After torching the sacred place, the Muslims promised to build a mosque on that very spot.

Thousands of Coptic Christians protested in front of the state-ran television building in Cairo. They carried large wooden crosses and hoped to get the media’s attention of the burning down of their church (the Church of the Two Martyrs). Sadly, soon after, many of the protesters became martyrs. We were staging a peaceful demonstration for the church, but they attacked us with firearms, stones and Molotov cocktails. -Samia, a Christian protester.

The tanks made way for the thugs to come in. There was shooting until two o’clock in the morning. After that they burnt the houses and stole from them. They broke whatever they could not carry away. No fire engines or ambulances came. We had to take the injured to hospital in garbage trucks.

Muslim Mobs burn down 288 churches, kill hundreds in Nigeria.

Persecution – On April 18, Kenneth Ngeumpa was eating his breakfast and getting ready to go to work in the metropolitan city of Kaduna when violence broke out. He watched in terror as a Muslim mob led by his neighbor approached his home shooting and calling for murder of his family. Ngeumpa and 12 members of his family narrowly escaped from the attackers by fleeing through the back door of their home before the mob set the house on fire, burning their entire property to the ground.

Ngeumpa was lucky to escape with his life. Many other Christians were not so lucky. Muslim attackers have killed hundreds in the attacks that began on April 18. ICC source travelled to the towns of Zonkwa and Kafanchan in Kaduna, where more than 300 people, mostly Christians, were massacred. It is impossible to know the exact number of victims because the Nigerian officials quickly conducted a mass burial of the victims in order to prevent any revenge attacks and cool down the crisis. The Muslim attackers also burned down 288 churches and several Christian homes.”

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