UK: Family of albino muslims terrorized by muslims after daughter marries a Christian

The so-called ‘honour’ retribution has included smashed windows at their Coventry home, vandalized cars and death threats. Now, head of the family, Aslam Parvez, has made a plea to the culprits to end the hatred.

UK DAILY MAIL  ‘We’re a good family and have done nothing wrong yet we’re being punished in the name of honour,’ he said. Aslam Parvez, 53, blames members of the Muslim community who believe the family have been dishonoured by his daughter’s marriage.

The hate campaign started five months ago when a national magazine published an article on albinos which featured Naseem, who no longer lives in Coventry and has little contact with her family. It revealed how she has married a Christian, goes to church and is expecting her second child with her husband.

Parvez daughter who married a Christian

Mr Parvez says copies of the article were quickly spread maliciously, and were posted on walls near their house and through the doors of Muslim homes in the community. Mr Parvez says he has received numerous death threats and has spent hundreds of pounds installing security cameras around his house.

He has now stopped going to mosque and says he may be forced to flee the city with his wife Shameem Akhtar, 55, three sons Mohammed, 17, Haider, 28, Gulam, 30, and daughters Muqadas, 26 and Musarat, 19.

‘We’ve had enough of all these bad things. We’re not a bad family and have done nothing wrong. ‘We’re being punished for our daughter’s decision. We just want to live our lives in peace. ‘I’m a good religious man. Look at your own lives before you judge us.

Mr Parvez was born in Pakistan and moved to Coventry at the age of 10 to join his family. He later met and married his Shameem, who is also an albino. Their six children inherited their parents’ condition, which causes an absence of pigmentation and partial sightedness. Mr Parvez says their condition has meant they have been subjected to ridicule, but recent events have made their lives unbearable.

‘We’ve dealt with discrimination all our lives. This has made us feel 10 times worse.’