UK VICTORY! Maidenhead Planning Committee STOPS mosque expansion

August 3rd was a big day and a great day for Western Civilization. The Maidenhead Planning Committee refused planning permission for a £1.5 million Islamic Community Centre next to the already gigantic mosque.

Law & Freedom Foundation (H/T Vlad Tepes) This was in spite of the Planning Officer’s recommendation that planning permission be granted. The main reason for refusal was the hopeless parking problems, but we advanced two more arguments.First, that this carbuncle would domineer the area and overlook its neighbours, particularly (surprise, surprise) the Church next door.

THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON: And second, that spreading Islamic doctrine is contrary to English law, so that the Council can no more authorise a mosque than it can a garage for you to sell stolen cars.

It’s not over yet. The other side will come back, and we need to keep the pressure up. But freedom went on the front foot last night, and we can feel good about that. An unexpected evening: no beardy-weirdy flash mob, no howling burkas, just a quiet meeting in an English town hall, and the advance of Islam briefly halted. Goes to show that Mosquebustin’ is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.