BLOODBATH IN BERLIN! MUSLIM man kills mother and sister of his ex-wife


The media are calling the massacre an ‘honor killing.’ But there is no honor in Islam, just death, destruction and misogyny. And a lot of muslim freeloaders sucking the government teat.

UK DAILY MAIL (H/T Charles)A horrific scene unfolded in Berlin in broad daylight yesterday morning when a Muslim fired a volley of shots into a car, killing two women and seriously injuring the man driving it. The execution-style massacre was carried out in the busy Wedding district of the city and was witnessed by horrified shoppers and commuters.

Media reports suggest it may have been a so-called ‘honor killing’, as the car apparently contained the 24-year-old ex-wife of the gunman, who survived the ordeal. The driver, despite being shot in the head and shoulder, also survived, but the woman’s mother, 45, and younger sister, 22, who were both sitting in the back seat with her, died.

Police identified the alleged gunman as a 26-year-old Turk called Mehmet Y, who fled the scene. It’s believed he was married to the 24-year-old woman passenger for four months.

A police spokesman told German newspaper Bild: ‘He fired at least seven, probably more, bullets.’ The front passenger seat was occupied by a man who was unscathed by the attack, but the 24-year-old woman received hospital treatment for serious shock.

The cold brutally of the shooting – and the fact that it took place in a busy area in daylight – has stunned Germany’s capital. A local who witnessed the gruesome aftermath told German news site ‘I am stunned and shocked. The perpetrator simply ran away.’

Wedding is a district that’s popular with Berlin’s Turkish community, which one neighbour described  as ‘socially difficult’. (Socially difficult? Oh please, there is a muslim problem there, just say it) Police are hunting the killer, who they warn could still be armed.

Berlin suffered a spate of honor killings in 2005, when six Muslim women in the city were killed in the space of four months. They were killed by family members angry at their embracing of Western lifestyles. (Get used to it Europe, you let muslims in your countries, this is what you get. It’s a ‘cultural’ thing – one that it totally incompatible with the West)