CAIR-backed muslim is suing employer for firing him when he refused to shave his beard

Yet ANOTHER reason no American employer should ever hire a muslim.

Terrorist Front Group CAIR has instigated local and federal investigations of what they call ‘anti-Muslim discrimination, bias and hate crimes’ nearly 1800 times just since January 1st. That’s more than 8 claims per day including weekends.


Omar Abdulkadir filed his federal lawsuit July 15 in Seattle. He spoke publicly about it Thursday along with representatives from the Seattle chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Omar, however, did not want his face shown in entirety.(Why not, what’s he afraid of?)

Omar says that in November 2009, a supervisor at American Patriot Security told him he had to shave his beard. Omar responded that his beard is part of his religious beliefs and refused. He was suspended the following spring. (And it took them all that time to decide to fire him because of the beard? What a croc)

Omar filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which found that Omar was wrongfully terminated. The Yemeni-born man, now an American citizen, says he grew up believing in certain civil rights and he feels those rights have been violated. He’s asking for changes at the company and for punitive damages for Omar. (Go back to Yemen you stupid raghead)