Terrorist Front Group CAIR upset that 'The Response,' a big Christian rally in Houston, Saturday, Aug. 6th, hosted by Governor Rick Perry, is not including muslims

Mustafaa Carroll from CAIR took part in an ACLU protest of the event, saying “By being exclusive, the governor missed a golden opportunity to show true leadership by uniting all of the people of Texas around common concerns for the well being of America.”

Good for Rick Perry. Why would they want muslims involved in a Christian event anyway? And why would any muslims want to be there?

“He is not pastoring a church called the Lone Star State,” Rev. Barry Lynn with Americans United for Separation of Church and State said. “I’m disappointed that any governor could conceive and then orchestrate an event like this. Governors are indeed all elected officials, from mayors of small towns, to the President of the United States, should be respectful of the differences of their constituents and seek inclusion.” (Bite me)

Gov. Rick Perry’s speech at the event: