MUSLIMS in GERMANY = Beating, Robberies, Gangs, & the Welfare State

In the Rütli-Schule Hauptschule secondary school where daily violence has made teaching  nearly impossible, 80% of students are Turkish muslims and 27% of their families live on welfare. Muslim students brag about beating up German kids who are terrified. Yet teacher complaints not only go unanswered, they are warned not to speak out.

Now, after many years in court, the Islamic Federation won the right to begin teaching religious lessons in public schools; the organization began teaching at 20 Berlin schools in Fall 2002.  Since the Federation’s induction, teachers hired by the Islamic Federation and paid for by the city of Berlin have taught thousands of school children.

Since the introduction of Islamic instruction, effects of the classes have spilled over into other parts of academic activities — parents fight to have their girls taken out of swimming classes, sports in general, and class field trips, on religious grounds . The Islamic Federation actively distributed pamphlets and forms to Muslim parents, urging parents petition to exempt their daughters from such ordinary school activities and ALSO TO PETITION THE SCHOOL BOARD FOR TOTAL GENDER APARTHEID.

Turkish prime minister says, Turks living abroad should take the citizenship of their new home country — not, however, with the intention of becoming an integrated part of that society, but so they can become politically active. “We need to inoculate European culture with Turkish culture.” Turkish Germans should not assimilate ~ as it is ‘a crime against humanity’ ~ now iGermany should have Turkish speaking high schools.

The conservative daily Die Welt says: “PM Erdogan has (again) expressed how little he cares about integration of Turkish immigrants. He sees them as a sort of national reserve, to be called up at will to represent the interests of Turkey. This appears more important to him than opening career opportunities for Turks in Europe.”