ARAB SPRING LONDON STYLE? Media refuse to report that it’s Blacks and Muslims burning London to the ground

Let’s see. It’s a good bet that it’s a young Muslim male in the sweatshirt and face mask, strolling through the ruins of London, with hate burning from his eyes.

HILL BUZZ – Just as the American media tried to cover up the fact that the “flash mob” at the Wisconsin State Fair were all blacks attacking whites, the “journalists” covering this story are so terrified of being called either racists or Islamophobes by the Left that they go out of their way to avoid reporting that it’s mostly Muslims and blacks who have seized an opportunity to inflict tens of millions of dollars to the heart of London.

If there were no pictures to accompany these stories — so you can SEE FOR YOURSELF who is behind this — you might wonder if elderly women in knit sweaters or Hogwarts-aged school children are behind the burning of Britain.

Whenever Muslims or blacks engage in the destruction of private or public property, the media aggressively tries to obscure who, exactly, is committing these crimes.  This is the same thing that’s been happening here in Chicago for the last four years, as gangs of black thugs have been hunting white, gay, male prey in Boystown…with the media ignoring it because the criminals are black and the victims are white.

In Europe, the media’s even more concerned with never, ever offending Islam in any possible way — despite the fact that Islam is not in fact a religion, but is really an apocalyptic cult that’s engineered at its core to battle and ultimately conquer all who stand in its way.

For several decades now, the Left in Britain have aggressively tried to import as many Muslims as possible, foolishly believing they could score these immigrants’ votes in elections. They were too stupid to realize these Muslims are colonists who seek to conquer Britain and turn London into the seat of a new Caliphate, to be used in the further conquest of Europe, succeeding where Islam failed in the 15th Century.

Immigration is a great thing if skilled workers are needed from other countries to fill niches in the work force that are available for their talents. Immigration is a great thing if the people coming from one place to another intend to create better lives for themselves and improve their communities.

Importing third world Islamists and unskilled criminals without much potential for societal good is just madness, however. This is what happens when the Left uses the real world to test all the theories and ridiculous PC notions it dreams up in the ivory towers of academia.

Towers that collapse under the weight of their own stupidity…or are toppled by the Morlocks imported aggressively to serve a political purpose…before turning on their Leftist benefactors and setting the whole world afire.

Tottenham, with a heavy Muslim population was the scene of heavy rioting. In the video, a BBC News report films a police car being attacked and then a gang of Muslim men shove the BBC crew and reporter.

Fast Forward to 1:30


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