"Helloooo!" EARTH to AUSTRALIA: The idea is to get rid of the Muslim invaders, not bring in five times more than you’re deporting

The planned deportations were supposed to be part of Australia’s asylum-seeker swap with Malaysia, that was to see the Australian government deport 800 Muslim boat people to Malaysia in return for accepting 4000 genuine Muslim illegal aliens from Malaysia over four years.

al-Jazeera – Although the UN has endorsed the deal, they expressed concern about sending asylum seekers to a country that is not a signatory to the Refugee Convention – a concern that has been echoed by human rights groups in Australia.

Now, Australia’s High Court has extended a temporary halt on the transfer of asylum seekers to Malaysia, preventing the government from sending a first group back to their country. (But I bet it doesn’t stop Malaysia from sending their illegals to Australia)

That decision came after lawyer David Manne, from the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre, sought an injunction stopping the removal of the group, arguing that Australia did not have the right to deport asylum seekers. (But they have the obligation to import as many Muslim freeloaders as can cram their way onto boats?)

“This is about life or death matters and our clients are challenging the government’s power to expel them to Malaysia where they fear they will not be protected and they are at real risk of harm,” Manne said. (Who cares? It’s better than where they came from. They ARE economic refugees)

Australia plans to send up to 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in return for accepting 4,000 registered refugees from the country over four years as part of a deal designed to stop asylum seekers arriving by boat from landing in Australia. (The stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. It will not stop the Muslim invaders, they know where to go to get the most welfare)

Gillard’s government has come under increasing criticism over the deal after it was revealed that unaccompanied children who arrived by boat would not be exempt from transfer. Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Australia, Andrew Thomas, reported from Sydney that the idea of the swap was that it would discourage asylum seekers from boarding boats in the first place. (In your dreams)

“John Howard, 10 years ago, won an election off the back of turning away a Norwegian tanker that had rescued asylum seekers from a boat, by looking tough against the asylum seekers,” our correspondent said. (Hey, here’s an idea. Any politician who wants to win an election would be wise to advocate the same policy)

“And the numbers did drop off for a while but in recent years they have been coming back again and Labor, the current government, has taken a lot of flak from the opposition about the numbers coming here.” (The Left always make their fellow citizens miserable by bringing in the world’s garbage just to garner welfare votes. Send them to rich muslim countries)

The government boosted police presence on Christmas Island, which houses a processing centre for asylum seekers, on Saturday, increasing the total number of officers there to just over 100.(Because the muslim hooligans are rioting over there)