COSTCO, OUTBACK Steakhouse, and SUBWAY, too, selling inhumanely halal-slaughtered meat in the US

COSTCO pulling the wool over your eyes, selling halal lamb without telling you about how the animals are tortured.


Asalaam alaikum,

I received this in an email and wanted to share it with you.  This information is in response to an email to Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci of Richardson, Texas, from Costco lamb supplier.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I can confirm that all of the lamb supplied to Costco Wholesale by the Australian Lamb Company, Inc is sourced from halal slaughtered animals. The lambs are handled in a humane manner, are presents towards Mecca as a prayer is recited by a Muslim slaughter man who ensures only a single cut with a very sharp knife is needed. Subsequently, the product is certified halal. The master cartons that Costco receives do have a Muslim Kill legend on them. The individual packages do not carry the mark yet, but they will in
the future.

You can consume these products with confidence. Please let your friends and family know that our lamb products meet the needs of the Muslim community.

Thank you very much for your patronage!

Marybeth Laleman
Australian Lamb Company, Inc.


Lamb slaughter begins at 1:00:

COSTCO sells halal lamb. So do other stores but they may not even know it.

EXAMINER – Searching the internet for locations that sell these “down under” imports reveals that the largest retailer of Australian halal lamb in the United States is Costco Wholesale. Costco is the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States, and third largest retailer in the United States.

The lamb is supplied by Australian Lamb Company Inc., a halal certified supplier which appears on the “Halal Approved Abattoir List” maintained by The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS). The lamb arrives prepackaged in the Kirkland Signature vacuum sealed packs which have the Australian Halal Stamp.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this development in the American halal meat market is a statement from Rob Plefkoff, a spokesman from Costco Wholesale Corporation. He said that Costco is now aware that they are selling halal lamb, but that it was not a conscious choice. In fact, they were unaware of it until they began receiving inquiries from halal consumers. Since then Costco has sent representatives to tour the procedures in Australia, and has ensured that the halal products are properly labeled, which they weren’t before.

The possibility exists that many American groceries don’t know that they already sell halal lamb. For example, I went into the meat department of my local Safeway just to see. There, among their other products, I found Diamond Valley brand lamb shanks, imported from Australia with the Australian Halal Stamp right on the package. In all likelihood Safeway is just as unaware that they are carrying halal lamb as Costco was.

A full list of the US retailers that sell lamb imported from Australia can be found at AUSTRALIAN LAMB WHERE TO BUY . The list includes over 30 retailers including Safeway, Food4Less, Ralph’s and other fairly major chains that may already carry certified halal products and not even know it. With just a little inquiry from curious halal consumers many of these could be made aware that this market exists, and whole new markets for halal meat could be opened up.

Outback Steakhouse: Halal?

Yup! Well at least the lamb is! My main man Timmy (who got it forwarded from a message list where it was posted by a person whose firend contacted Outback Steakhouse) sent me this info with the great news. All the lamb in all domestic (United States) Outback Steakhouses are imported from New Zealand, where the meat is certified (ZABIHAH) Halal by The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand. But hold up, this ONLY REFERS TO THE LAMB meat, which is imported. And unfortunately, the lamb steaks are also supposed to be among the most expensive items on the menu.

Muslims love OUTBACK

Continue reading for the forwarded emails that were sent to me, including the e-mail from the OUTBACK Steakhouse representative!

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From: Michelle Robinson < >
Date: Mar 6, 2006 5:39 PM
Subject: FW: Comments from
Good Afternoon,

The only Halal protein in our restaurant is the Lamb that we import, which is produced in New Zealand. All lamb served in the domestic Outback locations is from the country of New Zealand.The Halal accreditation certificates are from The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.Request your lamb to be cooked in a separate sauté pan. It takes 20 minutes to cook the lamb plus a little longer in the separate sauté pan, so you might want to tell your server to call it back as soon as possible.I hope this is helpful.

Thank you,


UPDATE! Now SUBWAY, which has more than 23,000 sandwich shops in the U.S. and nearly 34,000 worldwide, is proud to be offering halal food in some communities.

WND – Subway spokesman Les Winograd told WND: “The way we look at it from a business point of view is here’s a group of individuals who traditionally cannot eat out. They cannot eat your average name-brand fast food. When they travel, they have to bring their own food. They’re consumers, they’re buying things. We want to be able to tell them, ‘There’s a safe place for you to eat.’ That’s definitely worth something in their eyes. Here’s a brand that cares about me, too. It’s kind of an untapped market, so building brand equity is a good thing.”

Winograd says he can think of only two franchises in America, both in New Jersey, that have offered halal food, and says, “I really haven’t seen any complaints here in this country.” (You know the drill, guys. COMPLAIN HERE: SUBWAY )

Winograd says those outlets go out of their way to make sure customers know halal food is being served there. “Everything is identified,” he said. “Each store has a seal in the window, so you know when you’re walking in that everything is halal.”

Look for these labels indicating HALAL: