At White House Ramadan dinner, Barack Hussein Obama honors muslims lost on 9/11

Does that include the 19 muslim hijackers lost on 9/11, as well? Gee, he didn’t honor Christians lost on 9/11 at the White House Easter dinner. Oh, that’s right, he didn’t have an Easter dinner.

ABC NEWS – At an Iftar dinner celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan tonight, President Obama honored the Muslims lost on 9/11 and spoke about the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the attacks, saying, “We must be the America that goes forward as one family.”

“This year and every year, we must ask ourselves:  How do we honor these patriots — those who died and those who served?” Obama said.

The president, who noted that many “proud and patriotic Muslim Americans” were lost in the attacks, told family members of 9/11 victims present at tonight’s dinner that their loved ones “live on in the love of their families and a nation that will never forget.”

Keith Ellison (D-Minnesotastan) being led away in handcuffs

“Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family (Gee, I don’t remember hearing about any muslims on the Mayflower or on Christopher Columbus’ boat), and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life.  This has been especially true over the past 10 years,” Obama said. (Where, Who, What did muslims ever do for this country?)

The president highlighted the many Muslim Americans who safeguard communities across the country and work to protect the nation. “Make no mistake, Muslim Americans help to keep us safe,” he said. (When they aren’t killing our soldiers and trying to blow up buildings?)

Also among the roughly 100 guests in the State Dining Room tonight were 32 ambassadors, two professional football players and the first Hamas-supporting Muslim elected to serve in Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) (who insisted on being sworn in on a filthy quran)