Guess which potential Republican nominee would win a race against Barack Obama if the election were to be held today

HINT: He’s not running yet.

Daily Caller If Rick Perry enters the presidential race on Saturday as expected, a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national poll released Thursday shows he will be Mitt Romney’s strongest Republican primary competitor.

But the poll also shows that the undeclared Rudy Giuliani is the only potential GOP nominee who would win a head-to-head race with Barack Obama if the presidential election were held today. Among registered voters, Giuliani has 51 percent to Obama’s 45 percent. Romney is virtually tied with Obama, trailing 49 percent to 48 percent in a one-on-one matchup.

Outside of head-to-head measurements, Romney leads a Republican field that includes non-candidates Giuliani and Sarah Palin, taking 17 percent of the vote from Republican voters. Perry polls a very close second, taking 15 percent of the vote. Giuliani, Palin, and Ron Paul tie with 12 percent, and Michele Bachmann is in single digits at 7 percent.

Among independents, however, Obama’s Republican opponents fare much better. Perry ties Obama at 46 percent in that group, and Bachmann holds him to only a two percent lead, 47 percent to 45 percent. Both Romney and Giuliani trounce him, with Romney taking 53 percent of the independent vote to Obama’s 41 percent. Giuliani leads Obama by the same margin.

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