Terrorist Front Group CAIR wants you to counter this letter to the editor

“I believe Allah is a false god who teaches murder and destruction to further the cause of Islam.”

I don’t know how CAIR manages to find all this stuff, but they have sent out a letter to their members asking them to write letters of protest against the following Letter to the Editor in the Times Record News of Wichita Falls, Texas. I suggest you also write a letter agreeing with the person who wrote this letter:

From: James Mills, Wichita Falls

The road to destruction

What is jihad? “Fight those who have not faith in God, nor in the Hereafter, and who forbid not what God and his prophet have forbidden, and who are not committed to the religion of truth, but, to the ‘Book,’ until they pay tribute by hand and they are the ‘low.’ ” (An infidel is a non Islamic believer, and a Kafir, one who rejects Islam.) This verse concerns the people of the Book, non-Muslims believing in their own Book, or Bible, like the Jews, Catholics and Christians. “It is the people of the Book, we (Muslims) are to fight, only those who have no faith in God, (Allah), or the Hereafter.” This means all non-Islamic believers are wrong, only Islam contains the truth and all nonbelievers will be forced to pay tribute, or die.

The Imams and clerics teach this form of jihad, which is contained in the Quran. This means Muslims should kill all infidels, everyone who rejects Islam, i.e. Christians, Catholics and Jews. Jesus, the Son of God, teaches mercy and forgiveness; Allah teaches death to nonbelievers. What if the Pope declared all non-Catholics should be killed or Billy Graham taught all non-Christians should be murdered.

I believe Allah is a false god who teaches murder and destruction to further the cause of Islam.

In twenty years or less, Muslims will be electing our next president. We will cease to be a free nation at that point in time. Destruction of a nation starts from within.

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