BNI Readers, this came from a woman in Ohio who is trying to fight the Islamization of schools there


I am sorry I don’t know what to call you but here goes.

    I live in the Hamilton, Ohio area it is just north of Cincinnati and south of Dayton. I live kind of in the country if that helps.  I am a Catholic but had sent my son to public school here where I live, back in 2008 October, Ross Local schools brought into the classrooms 4 Muslim Indonesian clerics to our public schools.  Ross was contacted by the East West Center in HI  because we were a school of Excellence with Distinction (99% CHRISTIAN too).  They did this without letting any of the parents know, I just happened to stumble on it talking to the principal.  After I found out I didn’t let her know how upset I was and got more information out of her to plan what I would do next.  I found out that they (clerics) stayed with our schools Superintendent, principal, curriculum director and one of our school board members for 2 weeks while touring through our schools and living in our neighborhoods.

    I contacted the curriculum director right away she contacted me the next day.  I asked her if she had contacted them or they contacted us.  She said they contacted us which sent up red flags right away for me and what I know and have read about Islam.  I also know that Indonesia is the most radical and that meant trouble for clerics to be coming here.  I did some searching on where these clerics were going they had picked 11 schools ALL in predominately white Christian areas and all schools of Excellence.  I still have all the info. I talked to the curriculum director and her ignorance of Islam was sickening.  She put 911 in the same category as Pearl Harbor well that set me off right there, I told her that apparently we need to learn our History from the top down, and by the end of the year I would have her job.  (I did)

  I then went to the school board meeting that Thursday, I confronted our Superintendent and school board.  I asked if we had any provisions in place for visitors to our schools and if we didn’t could we implement one.  I didn’t want to go right at them in an attacking way so I thought this was the best plan, since they do not allow parents access to the classrooms.  My biggest mistake was telling the curriculum director I was going to have her job that is where a temper can get you into trouble but it did bring out the best in our Superintendent.  He tried to get me off track because the curriculum director had told him of my phone call.

He basically called me a bigot and I lost it.  I told them that they made a big mistake and now they know every move our children make during the day they know about how we move in our neighborhoods and when and where the buses go.  They told me “They are nice people, they lived with us for 2 weeks and no problems” I said to them “Yes I understand that not All Muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists have been Muslim” and also that the woman that lived next door to Mohammad Atta thought the same thing and she lived next door to him for 7 years.

The superintendent put the minutes that I had a problem with, it basically calling me a bigot, so I came armed with the law about taking minutes accurately and if they were going to quote me do it correctly.  I hounded them until by the end of the year I had both of their jobs the curriculum director and the superintendent, not because of the clerics but for technicalities of minutes being taken and not being recorded correctly.  I came to all meetings armed with the Ohio Sunshine Laws and my video camera they didn’t like that at all.  Needless to say, my son no longer attends there but I fear for the children now.

The other thing I was writing to you about was our Catholic schools, now they are coming to them.  In the spring 2011 CAIR came to Mother Of Mercy High School in Cincinnati to work arm and arm on cleaning up Cincinnati, Now I just found out that Badin Catholic High is having someone from the Islamic Center in West Chester come and talk to ALL religion classes on September 5.  I was appaled at this,  I have written and called and I can’t get any answers.  I cannot believe they are doing this dialog with this so called religion.  I have asked them if they plan on having someone from the Synagogue come and talk too and give them ample time.  I also asked if we are going to dialog with other religions too.  I don’t know what to do I feel helpless.  I don’t have a child in the school but I am a Catholic, I fear for these children and their possible misconceptions about this so called religion of peace.

Can you think of anything that can help me, I am trying to gather information as much as I can fact on paper to take to them to present a case to try and stop it, I was too late to stop Mother of Mercy but I have time to try and stop this from taking place in Sept.  I do have the book Muslim Mafia that was sent to me from ACT for America I contacted Pamela Gellar she had no help, I really feel that something is about to happen in my rural area.  I feel opening the door is a very bad mistake.  God help us all.

God Bless,