When it comes to killing Jews, Muslims don't care how many Muslims they kill

Israel stopped what would have been a spectacular border terrorist attack that would have devastated both the Jewish state and the population of Gaza.

Klein Online –The Egyptian officials said there is information the attack was aimed at the sole fuel pipeline that supplies Gaza with gas. The pipeline, located at the Israeli town of Nahal Oz, is manned and provided by Israel.

In a rare incident, on Tuesday all electricity, phone and Internet was suspending for about 18 hours inside the Gaza Strip. The blackout was reportedly caused by Israeli military bulldozers operating near the fuel pipeline in the Israeli town of Nahal Oz, which is close to the Gaza Strip.

At about the same time the electricity went out in Gaza, the Egyptian officials said Israel passed a message for Egypt to be on high alert for possible attacks from inside the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian officials said they have information that Israel was actually working to stop a cross border attack aimed at the fuel pipeline. The officials said the downing of communications inside Gaza was central to halting the attack.

The Egyptian officials said members of Jihadiya Salafiya, an al-Qaida-allied group in Gaza, are suspecting of attempting the major attack along with elements of the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad. An attack on Gaza’s pipelines would be devastating for both Israel and the Gaza population, which relies on the supply lines for its fuel.

Unlike other radical Islamic organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, which have demonstrated some pragmatism in aspects of political life while still holding an Islamist worldview, the new al-Qaida organization believes in a strict interpretation of the Quran and that only the Quran can dictate how to act.

The Islamist group believes jihad is the primary way to spread Islam around the world, including jihad against secular Muslim states. READ MORE: Klein Online