RADIO-CANADA Game Show declares all of Jerusalem to be part of Palestine


Canada’s publicly-funded broadcaster deemed all of Jerusalem to be a “city in Palestine”, despite the fact that Jerusalem is currently in, and an inseparable part of, the State of Israel.

When it comes to incitement and indoctrination of its own people towards hatred and terror against Israelis, Palestinian Authority television is notorious for airing programming which glorifies terrorists and demonizes Jews, all while depicting a world without Israel. It’s a world where a fictitious “Palestine” replaces the Jewish state, a world where the Jewish connection to the land of Israel is purposefully erased.

In Canada, this kind of broadcasting rarely comes across our radar. Until now, that is. This past Friday August 12, Radio-Canada, the French-language network of CBC News, broadcast a game show featuring a question which shockingly presumed Jerusalem to be a city in “Palestine”.

On a game show called “Connivence”, Radio-Canada host Sébastien Benoit asked the following question to his contestants:

Radio-Canada Host Benoit: Which city in Palestine is known to be a place of pilgrimage for the Christians, Jews and Muslims?”

(Answer given by a contestant without hesitation): “Jerusalem!”

Radio-Canada Host Benoit: It is indeed Jerusalem!” (Audience applause)

Please file a complaint with Radio-Canada’s Ombudsman by sending emails to: Please refer to the August 12 broadcast of the Radio-Canada game show “Connivence”.

H/T  Honest Reporting