UH OH! Does Barack Hussein Obama know about this? US MARINES training in IDF warfare camp in Israel!

One Marine said, “I feel like I connect well with the Israeli Defense Forces because they’re warriors, you know, just like the Marines are. We share a common bond.”

IDF (H/T Frankie C) – Last week, a company of US Marines conquered a module city in Israel’s Negev desert, the final act in a month-long tactical training session with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) infantry instructors. At the IDF Urban Warfare Training Center, the US Marines were instructed to conquer the module city in a methodically selective and surgical manner while minimizing harm to uninvolved civilians.

Israel Defense Forces Captain Nadav Gottfried said the warfare training center provides just what combat soldiers need to prepare for the real thing. “It stimulates an entire city — something that if you train as good as these guys train — gives you a real sense of danger, what you will encounter in the actual battlefield,” Gottfried said.

The IDF Engineer Corps built the module city with a city center, hospital, grand mosque, local shops, paved roads and hundreds of structures, including doorways. Constructed to simulate an urban battle environment, the force-on-force training facility provides Israeli soldiers and visiting armed forces with realistic training that is needed to prepare soldiers for potential urban scenarios.

The US Marines flew to Israel for a joint US-Israeli infantry exercise, receiving training in urban warfare, reconnaissance, and more. In addition to the IDF Urban Warfare Training Center, the US Marines also visited other IDF facilities.

In the last couple of years, a record number of US troops participated in a series of joint military exercises in Israel, an important component in the close strategic cooperation between the Israeli and US militaries.

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