AUSTRALIA: Phony ‘teenage’ Muslim invaders living high on the hog

MUSLIM ‘teenage’ so-called asylum seekers are being put up in taxpayer-funded homes worth up to $500,000 while 38,000 Australian citizens languish on the public housing waiting list.

Herald Sun (H/T Diane H) A group of three teenage Pakistani asylum seekers are being held in a large family home that boasts a sprawling garden, polished floorboards, modern stainless steel kitchen and double garage, while they wait to find out if their visa applications are approved.

The $500,000 house above in Thomastown, which would cost about $400 a week to rent, is a far cry from the razor wire detention centres across the country. Scores of other homes in areas such as Avondale Heights, Thomastown and Broadmeadows are also being used for asylum seekers.

More than two-thirds of the refugees in Victoria’s biggest youth detention centre, which can hold 150, have recently been transferred to suburban homes.

The houses are funded by the Immigration Department and each has a resident social worker. The waiting list for public housing in Victoria sits at more than 38,000, up 1000 from the last quarter. The asylum seeker home in Thomastown would be out of reach for many battling homeseekers, unable to afford the average $280,000 spent on first homes.

Small wonder why so many fully grown Muslim invaders claim to be ‘teenagers.’ But these are no children (See photos below).

IMMIGRATION detainees are pretending to be teens to get their visa applications processed quicker and live in better conditions. Victoria’s biggest youth immigration detention centre in Broadmeadows is filled with many asylum seekers claiming to be under 18 to escape the tougher regulations for adults, an investigation has discovered.

Secret photos obtained by the Herald Sun reveal men with obvious signs of ageing, including crow’s-feet, wrinkles around their eyes and receding hairlines. Experts say the men are more likely to be aged in their 20s.


This report misses one other reason to pretend to be under 18 – that as a refugee you can then bring over more of your family, as the Immigration Department helpfully advertises:

If you have been separated from members of your immediate family and are successful in your visa application and you are granted a permanent subclass 866 Protection visa, you may be able to propose them for humanitarian entry to Australia at a later date. With regard to a Humanitarian entry proposal an immediate family includes your partner, dependent children and your parents (if you are under 18 years of age).

Just calling themselves ‘children’ gets the Greens and the Far-Left wackos wringing their hands, imagining babies behind barbed wire in detention camps and protesting in horror: