NORWAY: MUSLIM IMMIGRATION dangerous for all women

Norway’s experiment with Muslim immigration and multiculturalism has gone terribly wrong, as Muslim radicalism is growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims.

CBN NEWS –Norwegian Muslim women do not have full rights. They are denied them by their families, and they live in fear for their lives. At the Red Cross office in Oslo, Monica Berge-Tukh and Anne Marte Stifjeld take calls from Norwegian girls who face honor violence, forced marriage or genital mutilation.

Something else that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what some here call “a rape epidemic.” Recent police statistics showed that in the capital city of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western Muslim males. And nine out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women.  

To protect themselves, some blonde Norwegian women have reportedly begun dying their hair black, and many travel only in groups. Kristin Spitznogle is a therapist who has counseled some of the rape victims.”These men they do not attack their own,” she noted. “They attack Norwegian women and a liberal culture they will not accept.”

Spitznogle has been attacked in the Norwegian media for saying what many will not: that the assault rape problem is primarily Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. And any woman who does not dress modestly and wear the Muslim headscarf could be considered by some Muslim men to be “fair game.”

“For some the hijab is a symbolic marker that separates the submissive proper Muslim women from what they see as the Norwegian ‘whores.’ When I say ‘whores,’ I’m really just referring to their own words. This is what they told journalists.”

Spitznogle says Norway’s left-wing establishment has engaged in blaming the rape victims because the whole notion that Islamic culture is dangerous to women is very politically incorrect here.











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  1. Hey Joe, practicing Islamic Quranic “Taqiyya” on that day? Next day *Jihad* and then, next, *Kill the Infidels*, right? You have to have something for each day of the week, correct? And while you’re “saving yourselves for marriage”, *Rape the WHITE women*; I meant WHORES, sorry, isn’t a bad idea. Thank “almighty” Allah Muslims are SO “pious”. They must’ve inherited it from their *prophet for profit,* murdering, raping, child molesting THIEF, Mohamed. Like prophet like Son….s of bitches!

  2. I’m a muslim and im proud and i live in Egypt. we are here in Egypt muslims and crestians living together and loving in eachother, we never had a problem because simply we are one and we have the same rights in everything and there are no way a msulim girl cannot go to work because she wear Hijab or a crestian one because she doesn’t wear it. Believe or not i don’t care. In Islam with a close meaning when you deal with any person whatever his religion or where he come from you deal with God ( faithful and tolerance). Solve the proplem and do not make it bigger. You want to stop the Violince in Europe because of the committed crimes. I will tell you what you dont know True Muslin never insult anyone and he follow the Islam so read the Quaran and see what a Muslim have to behave and you will see the greatest values in the world are given to you in one book to live by. A muslim is vergin untill he get married and this is have many benefits to save yourself for someone you love and the one you are going to live with forever and i think it is far way to have the concept of raping and here in Egypt when you are a crestian and you can go to A court with a crestian laws so simply Solve the propblem in a forgivable and tolerant way and be honest with yourself. In Islam you have to respect all religions so please respect mine and God will help you to reach the right thing way,

    • Hey, Joe, thanks for the laughs. Haven’t heard anything so ridiculous since George Bush said Islam was a religion of peace. I would imagine your parents are siblings because there’s no way anyone in their right mind would come
      on a website like this and tell such tall tales. Get lost, sucker.

    • QURAN 2:216-Fighting is ordained for you…..
      QURAN 2:244-And fight in the way of Allha….
      QURAN 4:89-Kill those who reject islam…….
      QURAN 47:4-so when u meet those who DISBELIEVE
      SMITE at their necks till when u have killed
      and wounded many of them…

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