Now, when your child gets groped by a TSA agent at the airport, you won't know if it's a man or a woman touching their private parts

Ashley Yang is a man masquerading as a woman and has been feeling up women and girl passengers at the airport for two years. Not only does he insist on wearing female clothing at work, he insisted that he be employed as a screener. And since he thinks he’s a woman, he should photograph and grope other women under the TSA’s same-sex screening policy.

Never forget it is expressly BECAUSE OF MUSLIMS that we all must suffer this humiliation whenever we travel.

American Daily Herald –Ashley Yang is a whore, or was, for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a.k.a. those Thieves and Sadists at the Airports. And yes, “whore” is the appropriate title for his position:

Ashley in drag

Ashley took money to put his hands between people’s legs. In fact, Ashley wanted to molest women so much he protested when the TSA decreed that as a man, he could only assault men. And if that didn’t suit him, he could rifle bags.

No, no, no, our hero cried while averring that “part of the job’s appeal was working with [sic for ‘pawing’] people [sic for ‘women’].” Oh, I’ll bet. Something’s very wrong with anyone craving a stint at the TSA this badly. Nor does Ashley soothe our fears when he gushes, “Working for the TSA was my way of contributing to society …” Ah, government: where sexual assault turns noble, and on our dollar, too (OK, trillions of them). “… I valued talking with passengers and was inspired by helping to protect people and making sure they are safe.”

Ashley had begun “living as a woman and taking hormones to feminize his appearance in 2006, two years before he applied to work for TSA. His interviewer never doubted that the delicately featured candidate with artfully applied makeup and finely arched eyebrows was a woman.

Ashley ‘fessed up “before a background check revealed the name he used when she was a man. The agency reminded him that agents had to be the same gender as the passengers they search and asked whether he had gone through sex reassignment surgery, which he had not.” I’m not sure why that matters. But this is the TSA, whose morons believe that 3 ounces of liquid combust at 30,000 feet: rationality is clearly and always out of the question.

And so while the TSA sicced this wingding on passengers, it fretted over his looks. It commanded him to “present” himself as a man and cut his long hair. Or, as “attorney Kristina Wertz of the San Francisco-based [again with the ‘-based’! Is anything merely ‘in’ a place anymore?] Transgender Law Center” put it, “He was asked to hide who he was just in order to earn a living.”

You might assume a bureaucrat and a bureaucracy as disturbed as Ashley and the TSA suited one another perfectly. Alas, no: the agency fired Ashley after two years – though not for gate-raping passengers; the TSA and the courts have pronounced that wickedness perfectly legal. Rather, the TSA discharged him for “presenting” as a woman when he used the ladies’ lavatory.

Ash wouldn’t be the narcissist he is if he didn’t “contest” his firing. And he won his case, so we taxpayers are on the hook for “five months of back pay and a five-figure award for pain and suffering.” Dizzying, isn’t it, how quickly “contributing to society” turned to robbing it instead.

But that’s not all: as part of the settlement, the TSA’s “managers at Los Angeles International Airport are undergoing mandatory sensitivity training…” Whoa! Talk about your absolute impossibility! Just how much “sensitivity” can you cram into barbarians who attack passengers for a living?

I’m also wondering where the sensitivity for passengers is. Each time another little kid on youtube screams from the TSA’s pedophilia, or an elderly lady dying of cancer loses her diaper, we hear nothing about “sensitivity training,” mandatory or otherwise. Instead, the TSA blithers that its goons “followed proper procedure.” So did the guards at Auschwitz.

But from Ashley’s bizarre tale we wring some good news. Many of the TSA’s male victims wonder why they can’t choose the deviant groping them: they recognize “additional screening” for what it is and request that a woman fondle them. Choice in general and passengers’ preferences in particular being anathema to the TSA, it refuses while stubbornly sticking to its “same-sex pat-down” policy.

But Ashley’s “pain and suffering” may change that. One of the TSA’s spokesliars promised that the managers’ “mandatory sensitivity” will extend beyond employees: “When passengers come to the checkpoint, we have to screen the passengers based on how they present themselves. If they present themselves as male, they are screened by a man. If they present themselves as female, they are screened by a woman.”

So all you guys hoping for a free massage, here ya go: wear a dress and pearls to the airport next time.