ANTI-ISLAM politician attacked with acid by left-wing fascists in Germany

So-called ‘Anti-fascists’ who themselves are the real fascists incite violence against right wing counterjihadist politicians in Berlin.

Islam vs Europe (H/T Shawn A) Lars Seidensticker, chairman of the Berlin regional association of the anti-Islam Pro Deutschland movement, was attacked while putting up political posters in the street with party colleagues. The masked attacker sprayed acid in his face. Seidensticker was later treated in hospital for injuries to his left eye but appears to have suffered no permanent damage. He will resume political campaigning immediately. The attacker has been described as a left-wing extremist rather than a Muslim.

Lars Seidensticker

There’s an intense political atmosphere in Berlin at the moment. City elections will take place on 18 September, an Anti-Islamification Conference will be held there over 27-28 August and Geert Wilders is due to visit the city shortly afterwards.

This clip is an edited version  of the video that is being circulated by left-wing extremists in Berlin. It constitutes a clear incitement to use violence against Counterjihad politicians and political activists.

Various Islam-sceptical political figures from within Germany and around Europe are shown with their faces represented on tin cans as if for shooting practice. A man in a cowboy outfit, complete with twin pistols, positions himself menacingly in the foreground while showdown music from a Spaghetti western is played. The cans are then kicked over.

An on-screen slogan reads: Freiheit ist nicht wählbar. Freiheit (Freedom) is the name of the German anti-Islam party that is allied to Geert Wilder’s PVV. This means “Freedom is not electable”, but, ironically and appropriately, it can also be read another way as: Freedom is not choosable. The violent far-left certainly would like us to think that Freedom is not choosable, but I beg to differ.

The other written messages read:

Against racism and social chauvinism!

Make Geert Wilders’ visit to Berlin a disaster!

Berlin Against Nazis! Blocking is our Right!

Block Anti-Islam Conference!

Act Together Against Racism and Social Exclusion!

The text and images amount to a clear incitement to use force to block, intimidate and crush political opposition. These people are the true fascists.