Not a single Muslim Terrorist in sight as DHA produces yet another video on the biggest threat to America: WHITE MEN!

‘IF YOU SEE SOMETHING (suspicious activity by a white Christian-looking man), SAY SOMETHING’ Public Service Announcement funded by you and produced by the Department of Homeland Insecurity, deliberately avoids using Middle Eastern looking men in ads calling for Americans to report anything that could be connected to terrorism, WHITE terrorism.

Apparently they are no longer interested in anything you see that could be connected to Islamic terrorists, the people behind 99.9% of the terrorist activity in the U.S.

As you will see in the following video, out of all eight dramatizations, there is not a single person of Middle Eastern-looking descent portrayed as a terrorist. The terrorist actors are predominately white males, often with a shaved head.

This DHS video is supposed to educate citizens about the eight signs of terrorism and how to recognize them. In fact, aside from a brief image of the Twin Towers, the only evidence of a possible Islamic connection to terrorism here is a photo of an Islamic charity (virtually unknown to most Americans). The rest of the actors portraying terrorists are white except for one black man.

H/T Creeping Sharia