Now that we have a Commander-in-Chief who loathes the military, the NY Times can freely express its own disdain for America's heroes

On the front page of the editorial section of the Sunday Times is a prominently featured essay bemoaning Americans who put the military on a pedestal–and suggests they may not really be heroes at all.

NY Times writer William Deresiewicz disparages having support for the troops as the “cult of the uniform” and criticizes the use of the word “hero” to describe American Troops:

“The term most characteristically employed, when the cult of the uniform is celebrated, is “heroes.” Perhaps no word in public life of late has been more thoroughly debased by overuse. Soldiers are “heroes”; firefighters are “heroes”; police officers are “heroes” — all of them, not the special few who undoubtedly deserve the term. So unthinking has the platitude become that someone referred to national park rangers on public radio recently as “heroes” — reflexively, in passing — presumably since they wear uniforms, as well.”

I refuse to waste my bandwidth on this repugnant hit piece. You can read the rest here. : NEW YORK SLIMES (H/T Shawn)