Through the diplomatic intervention of the U.S. Ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin (Judenrat?), Muslim youth are being recruited by American politicians and business leaders to be groomed for high-ranking positions in France, the U.S., and elsewhere.

Some of the individuals recruited spend time in the United States, learning the American economic system. The ultimate goal of Rivkin and his superiors is to pave the way for Muslims to become political leaders of France, the country they foresee as being one day Islamized, with a mixture of races and ethnicities, and with an entirely new and alien culture, an entirely new cultural and physiological DNA.

GALLIA WATCH (H/T SUSAN K) They perceive entities such as the right wing Front National and the Bloc Identitaire and individuals such as Marine Le Pen as being obstacles that must be carefully watched, lest they become too powerful.

The latest chapter in this strange Franco-American alliance focuses on “culture” or what passes for such in today’s world, and an attempt to change attitudes. From September 7 – 17, the 6th Festival of Cultures of Islam will be held in Paris and New York. The website called Institut des Cultures d’Islam (ICI) has all the details.

Since Ramadan this year takes place in August, the festival called “les veillées du Ramadan” will be transformed into the Festival of Cultures of Islam and will extend, in September, into ten days of concerts, discussions. While the September 11 commemorations are in full swing throughout the world, the Institute of Cultures of Islam proposes, for this festival, to simplify the question of what it means to be Muslim today in the United States. This festival has been organized through a partnership between the City of Paris, the United States Embassy in France and Harvard University.

First, two different festivals this year coincide. Paris has its “veillées du Ramadan” (roughly translated as “Ramadan nights”) which will overlap with this other Festival of Cultures of Islam which in turn will go on for ten extra days. But the main thing is that this festival wants to change the way we perceive 9/11, hence the way we treat Muslims.

In order to examine the image of Muslims in Hollywood, before and after September 11, two evenings are being offered: Yallawood Night, a kitsch-oriental night focussing on disparate images of the Muslim world, with a performance by Selecta Pacha; and Real Bad Arabs (Hollywood and the Arabs) by Jack Shaheen, a shocking documentary that centers on one question: why is the Muslim necessarily the bad guy in American productions?

In partnership with the Théâtre de la Ville (in Paris), a performance of the play 11 septembre 2001, by Michel Vinaver, will be transmitted live from the theater to the courtyard of the ICI. Along with this, the Théâtre de la Ville will host Here is New York, an exposition of snapshots taken by New Yorkers the week following the attacks and showing the continuation of daily life despite the drama.

Muslim sleazoid, Sharif el Gamal, director of Park51 (Ground Zero Victory Mosque), the future Islamic community center near Ground Zero, will also be present for an extraordinary evening of discussions. A book club, a great American tradition of sharing books, will be hosted by Anissa Bouzine, beginning with the works of (Pro-Hamas) Edward Saïd up to the present time, and will center on the image of Muslims in American literature.

The article then moves on to another aspect of the festival: Islam and the City that continues until December. This art and photo exposition will include portraits of Muslims by Andres Serrano of Piss Christ fame, and photos of the five boroughs of New York where there are Muslim communities.

The last paragraph repeats the main goal of the festival: To use the arts as a way of speaking differently of September 11, of speaking differently of Islam, of speaking differently of the United States.

A reminder that this schlock is sponsored by the American Embassy and Harvard University! This means that the American government and its agents such as Harvard are attempting to revise history, re-program mentalities and whitewash the devastating truth about 9/11, all in the name of “anti-racism”. The day is not far off when anyone who speaks harshly of the attacks will be branded a racist, and summarily silenced.

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is a few days away. In ten years we have wasted incalculable time and energy refusing to acknowledge the real danger of Islam, fighting useless wars in Afghanistan, and indoctrinating the populations of America and Europe. We are not advancing. We are regressing economically, educationally, culturally, psychologically and spiritually. This time lost will never be regained. The sanity lost shows no sign of reviving. Now, we are rushing headlong into the endgame, eager to get it over with, eager to submit wholly and definitively to Islam, its agents and abetters, eager to commit definitively the act of cultural suicide that will put us out of our self-imposed misery. Anything, even death, is better than facing reality.