NEVADA Democrat Congressional candidate says it's a good idea for Democrats to pretend to support Israel

Taking a page out of the ‘Obama for President 2008’ playbook, Democrat Congressional candidate Kate Marshall in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District says it would be “useful” to support Israel.

Politico  Nevadans were treated to a look inside the campaign of congressional candidate Kate Marshall on Wednesday when her staff sent out a press release that contained internal notes detailing why it would be “useful” for the Democrat to support Israel.

Marshall, who is running in a special election for the seat in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District, released a campaign statement supporting Israel as violence escalated in the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip. However, her aides accidentally left in a “background” section at the bottom that explained why it would be “useful to express support for Israel.”

The section, which was first reported by the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston, explains that putting out the statement would “demonstrate some foreign policy prowess” during a time when “Israel has been in the news.”

The notes that were supposed to remain private also went on to say that a statement on Israel would be timely because of Glenn Beck’s recent Rally to Restore Courage event in Jerusalem. The section alludes to the fact that Republicans are generally supporters of Israel, noting that Marshall could gain by siding with Israel “in an R district.”