CANADA: Our friends at Blazing Cat Fur told to stop filming Muslim women at a Hezbollah-supporting rally in Toronto

They were told it is offensive to Muslim women to be filmed by infidels, especially when they are calling for the deaths of all Jews. Hezbollah has been designated as a terrorist group by the Canadian government. BCF did not back down.

“Scaramouche, Sassywire and I (Blazingcatfur) were asked not to film the Muslimas attending the Al Quds (Jerusalem) Rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto by a Queen’s Park “Special Constable” which is a fancy name for security guard. We were told it would offend the modesty of the Israel hating crowd. Evidetly it’s just fine for Muslims to wave Hezbollah Flags and hurl Blood Libels at Jews, but god forbid you film the chick waving the the flag of a banned terrorist group in Canada.”