PEW REPORT ON MUSLIMS: The Left Wing Media spin vs the real numbers

OH, BOO HOO! Muslim Americans have had a difficult time in the United States since 9/11. A Pew Research Center study shows that more than half say that government anti-terrorism policies single them out for increased surveillance and monitoring. The survey of 1,033 Muslim Americans also noted increases in threats, name-calling and difficulty with airport security.

VOICES  Muslims I know say that while DWB, or driving while black, is an unfortunate reality in America, they face FWM, or flying while Muslim. (They are lucky we allow them to fly on our planes at all)

The Pew study said: “A quarter of Muslim Americans (25 percent) report that mosques or Islamic centers in their communities have been the target of controversy or outright hostility. While 14 percent (ONLY 14%?) report that there has been opposition to the building of a mosque or Islamic center in their community in the past few years, 15 percent say that a mosque or Islamic center in their community has been the target of vandalism or other hostile acts in the past 12 months.” (ONLY 15%? Synagogues have higher numbers of vandalism)

The Pew center report, however, did offer some positives. “There also is no evidence of rising support for Islamic extremism among Muslim Americans,” it said. (That’s right, it’s as high as it ever was)

In addition: “Muslim Americans have not become disillusioned with the country. They are overwhelmingly satisfied with the way things are going in their lives (82 percent) and continue to rate their communities very positively as places to live (79 percent excellent or good). (That is too bad. We must make it less satisfying for muslims to live here)

“At a personal level, most think that ordinary Americans are friendly (48 percent) or neutral (32 percent) toward Muslim Americans; relatively few (16 percent) believe the general public is unfriendly toward Muslim Americans. (Again, we must increase those numbers) About two-thirds (66 percent) say that the quality of life for Muslims in the U.S. is better than in most Muslim countries. (Yet they keep trying to turn this country into an Islamic hellhole like the ones they left)

“Strikingly, Muslim Americans are far more satisfied with the way things are going in the country (56 percent) than is the general public (23 percent). (That’s only because we have a Muslim in the White House) Four years ago, Muslim Americans and the public rendered fairly similar judgments about the state of the nation (38 percent of Muslims vs. 32 percent of the general public were satisfied).” (Time to get an anti-Islam Republican like Allen West in the White House)

The left wing media is hyping the latest Pew Research Center survey on Muslims in America  showing that Muslims in America are “mainstream,” “moderate,” and “middle class,” just like real Americans. But. in fact, they are in fact every bit as radical as their Middle East counterparts.

 Pew Research has a left wing agenda and its results attempt to make muslims into something they are not – mainstream and moderate. But the numbers don’t lie. The headline on the report is MUSLIM AMERICANS: NO SIGNS OF GROWTH IN ALIENATION OR SUPPORT FOR EXTREMISM (But no signs of a decrease either)

35% are NOT AT ALL concerned about the rise of Islamic extremism in the US

21% of American Muslims support extremism in the US

34% think Muslim leaders have done more than enough to speak out against extremism

41% think US efforts to combat terrorism are not sincere

68% think Muslims are cooperating as much as they should with law enforcement

55% think being a Muslim in America is more difficult since 9/11

28% say people have acted suspicious of Muslims

22% say they have been called offensive names

21% (Only 21%?) have been singled out by airport security

13% (Only 13%?)have been singled out by law enforcement

6% have been threatened or attacked

37% (THAT many?) say someone has expressed support for muslims

60% of U.S. Muslim women wear bags on their heads all or some of the time

81% think the Ground Zero Victory Mosque should be built near Ground Zero

65% think media coverage of Muslims is unfair

68% don’t believe that Israel and Palestinian ‘rights’ can co-exist

31% of U.S. Muslims said there is conflict with being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.

19% of U.S. Muslims Say that suicide bombings and other forms of violence against civilians are justified: In 2011, 31% of Muslims aged 18-29 said suicide bombings are okay.

30% of U.S. Muslims Support Al-Qaeda: Despite the claims of CAIR and many Muslim leaders,  30% view Al-Qaeda favorably.  25% of foreign-born U.S. Muslims say they have a favorable opinion of al Qaeda, compared with 48% of all native-born Muslims and 44% of native-born African American Muslims.

* Half of all U.S. Muslims Are Muslim First: 49% of American Muslims consider themselves Muslims first and only 26% consider themselves Americans first. 67% who come to the U.S. DO NOT want to adopt American customs or assimilate. 51% want to be distinct from American society. 77% of US Muslims close friends are Muslims.

* Most Muslims like the Nanny State government with lots of handouts: 68% prefer bigger government with more free services. No surprise here, 70% consider themselves Democrats. 64% see Barack Hussein Obama and 46% see Democrats as very friendly toward Muslims. Only 15% see Republicans as friendly to Muslims (15% – that many?)

Muslims Are NOT big Contributors to American Society: Mmost Muslims in America are not big contributors of jobs and other benefits to American society.  They are takers.  Only 22% of U.S. Muslims make $75,000 or more per year (down from 26% in 2007), below the U.S. total population average of 28%.  45% (up from 35% in 2007) of Muslims make less than $30,000 per year, whereas only 36% of the general population is at that salary level. 40% of U.S. Muslims are unemployed and 18% are only employed part-time.