Right Wing Swiss People’s Party intensifies its anti-Muslim immigration campaign in the run up to the election in October

Poster with “Stop Massive Immigration” from Swiss Peoples Party.

“A Kosovar (Muslim) stabs a Swiss man.” “A Kosovar kills the head of social services.” These are not newspaper headlines but instead the latest set of newspaper ads the Swiss People’s Party. They feature recent crimes committed by Kosovar Muslims with an image of their ubiquitous campaign poster “stop massive immigration” showing people trampling the Swiss flag.

Islam in Europe  It is causing an uproar in many quarters including the Swiss Conference of Bishops. Critics say the Swiss People’s Party is trying to get votes by demonizing Kosovars. WRS’s Dave Goodman talks to Ulrich Schlüer, a Swiss People’s Party MP from the canton of Zurich, as well as Ylfete Fanaj, who was born in Kosovo. She is now a Social Democrat in the Lucerne cantonal Parliament. She is also the president of Secondos Plus, the association of second-generation Swiss who are running for political office.